Notification Rule

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Set Up Notification Rules

  1. Click on the button for adding new rules, as shown in the following picture.

  1. The pop-up dialog box contains two main steps: general settings and notification. The notification rule will only take effect after completing both steps.

  2. The general settings are used to set the data to be monitored and the triggering conditions. Please fill in the "rule name", "data source", and its "data", select the "condition", and fill in the value. After inputting the information, click "Next".

  3. Notification settings are used to configure the recipients and notification methods when the rule is triggered. By default, the registered email address of the user account will be used for notification. The status indicates whether this notification rule is enabled or not. After completing the input, click "Create".

Modify Rule

Delete Rule

Get LINE Notification

  1. Get ready to receive notifications on your LINE account or group by adding @linenotify as a friend or inviting it to the group.

  2. Click on the LINE icon on the notification rules page of the platform.

  1. You can choose to click on the "Link" button, the "Copy link" button, or scan the QR code to open the LINE Notify page or share the link with the people who need to receive notifications.

  2. After opening the link, follow the instructions on the LINE page to log in. Then, select yourself or a group, and click "Agree and connect" to link with LINE Notify.

  3. Back to the "Notification Rules" page of the platform, you can select the user or group who needs to receive notifications from the dropdown menu for setting up the rule.

  1. After saving, you can receive notifications through LINE when an event occurs.!

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