X-platform can support various types of data used in almost all industries.

Data Structure

Data on the platform will be processed and stored in a form similar to a table.

A data source (similar to a table) contains several different types of data (similar to different fields in a table), which are usually related or have some commonality and are placed within the same data source.

As an example, a data source can be named "Factory A" and may include several types of data such as temperature, power consumption, motor speed, and duty manager.

The description of each field is as follows:

Data Source Name (English)

It can only contain English letters, numbers, and underscores (_), without spaces. This name will be displayed and used in the URL of the REST APIs, and is also a part of the topic name (second level) in MQTT.


This is for the convenience of the user to record more information about this data source or data, for easy understanding in the future or for other users to understand.

Display Name

This name will be displayed on the charts in the dashboard and in the content of notification events.

Data Name(English)

This name can only contain English letters, numbers, and underscores (_), and cannot contain spaces. This name will be displayed and used as the data name in the REST API and MQTT API.


This unit will be displayed on the dashboard or in the content of notifications, emails, and LINE/WhatsApp messages.

Data Type

The platform currently supports 4 types:

  1. Number

Complies with the IEEE 754 binary floating-point arithmetic standard.

  1. GPS location

In JSON format following the latitude and longitude coordinate system.

Example: {"lat": 25.0338, "lng": 121.5647}.

  1. Timestamp

In the Unix time string format with nanosecond precision. Example: "1671856099000000000".

  1. String

With a maximum length of 2048 characters.

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