Add Chart

After entering the dashboard page, click on the button located in the upper right corner, as shown in the figure below

A new chart is generated below

Please click on each setting in sequence to complete the chart configuration, the data will be presented.

Field settings:

See the following fields on the screen:

1. Source

This is the data source that has been set up in the data format, and it can be seen in this dropdown menu. Users can also click on the desired data source(s) (multiple selections are allowed).

2. Chart Type

Users can see a dropdown menu with options such as "Line Chart", "Bar Chart", etc., and they can choose the desired way to present the data.

3. Time Range

There are two options: "Real-time" and "Custom".

Real-time: Under this option, if data is continuously transmitted to the platform, users can see the data presented in real-time. The data in this chart will display the most recent 500 records.

Custom: view data from any time interval in the past.

4. X Axis

Choose different data or units to display on the X-axis (such as time or data name) depending on the selected chart type. By clicking, users will see a dropdown menu where they can see all the data in the data source they selected under "Data Source", including timestamp, serial number, or data name.

5. Y Axis

Choose what data to display on the Y-axis depending on the type of chart selected. By clicking on it, select the desired data from a dropdown menu within the selected data source in the source field.

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