Welcome to X-Platform

After registering on X-platform through Email, users can now start using the most powerful and user-friendly AI data intelligence platform, which primarily functions as data storage management, data visualization, and AI-powered data monitoring and analysis (coming soon).
With just 3 simple steps, users can explore their data! To learn more about the detailed operation methods, click on the various functional pages in the left column to view more information.

1. Set Data Source

Please go to the data format page to learn about data formats and how to set them up.

2. Send Data through the API

Once a data source is set, the platform will automatically generate corresponding APIs (REST and MQTT). Please go to the REST API document page or MQTT API document page to learn more about them.
By doing so, data will be saved and managed securely on the platform.

3. Customize Dashboard

Add a new chart or edit an existing chart on a dashboard。
Great! By completing the steps above, the data will be presented on the dashboard. To further monitor the data and receive notifications when there are abnormal values, go to the Notification Rule page to set up alerts.
If you have any questions, you can also contact us via email at [email protected]!
Have fun!
Last modified 1mo ago